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The best way to sell your property

Methods of sale

Every client and property is different, so we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your property. We'll work with you to find out what's important to you, and work out the best way to achieve your goals. 



An auction has a set marketing period, with a campaign designed to draw potential buyers and create competition to ensure the best price is achieved. Because sales are final, you have a clean contract and sale certainty upon a successful auction. Sellers have the option of considering and accepting offers made prior to auction, and in the event that the property is passed in on auction day, you can still negotiate with bidders and reach a private sale.


Using the auction method of sale ensures that the sale process is open and transparent - buyers know exactly who they are competing with, and what the market is prepared to pay.



The tender process allows interested parties to confidentially submit their best offer prior to the closing date. The vendor can consider all offers. If a suitable offer is not submitted, your agent will negotiate with potential buyers to reach the best outcome for all parties.



Private sale (with or without a price)
A priced sale makes it easy for buyers to find a suitable property within their budget, but risks excludiing some potential buyers and sets a preconcieved perception of value.


A sale listing without price may reach a wider range of buyers, and make it easier to gauge what the true market value of the property is based on the feedback of interested parties.


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